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Meet our founder!

Meet Jagjeet Doheley, feel free to call her Jagz! 

Jagz created Ribbons Consultants to simply help others! She believes, we all as unique individuals have the power to change our worlds from within. It starts with self awareness, moving to awareness of the perception of you by others, focusing also on the environment around you, and so much more. Each journey taken with us, whether as an individual, couple, partnership, team, or business, will be completely unique.

“Everyone with a dream needs an anchor that brings their dream back down to reality to make it come true. I feel that Ribbons Consultants is that anchor.”

D Pascal

Success looks different for everyone. In the current climate, that feeling of success can be linked with getting out of bed during a chronic flare up, starting the side hustle you have been dreaming about whilst working another job, or growing your business and remaining connected with oneself. 
It’s important to celebrate these wins, however small, and recognise that feeling. Now is the time when we all need a bit of support, the challenges that are surrounding us may result in you feeling restless, if this sounds familiar, we can help you! Get in touch with us today.

“A perfectly balanced combination of theory and application for those looking for self-reflection and realigning their goals.”

A. Bajurny

Why Ribbons?

To us the word 'Ribbons' not only signifies the ribbon you run through at the end of a race but the joy you feel when you unwrap a present. 

We empower our clients to find more time for joy and introduce you to tools and techniques to smash through your goals. 


Our Logo

Our logo was chosen to reflect the neuroscience behind our sessions and the growth linked to the results.


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