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Jagz Doheley Added to the Global Heroes Women Role Model List

September 24, 2020

The owner and Lead Consultant of Ribbons Consultants, Jagz Doheley, was nominated for her work as a business mentor and coach. She helps individuals, teams, start-ups, and businesses that want to refocus and effectively work towards their goals. Jagz does this using 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring and personal branding sessions. This empowers them to reach their personal and professional goals without compromising their day to day responsibilities.

The global HERoes Women Role Model List showcases leaders who are championing women in business and driving change for gender diversity in the workplace across the world. Representing multiple sectors and industries, those on the HERoes Role Model Lists have not only achieved success in their own careers but used this to actively drive for more inclusive workplaces.

Client Testimonials

Awards and Testimonials: Testimonials

Jagz has been a transformative person in my life, since our very first encounter.

Initially, heading into our sessions together, I thought I knew what I wanted, and I thought that I could see myself clearly - I was wrong on both counts! Not only did Jagz help me to start uncovering what my strengths and talents were, or what I wanted from the future, but she helped me to start to uncover my authentic self. Anyone that interacts with Jagz (even momentarily) can't deny that she clearly excels at what she does: she creates a sense of community and safety - she can encourage you to see the best version of yourself, whilst also meeting you where you currently are. I'd recommend Jagz coaching sessions to anyone: if you're struggling to position yourself or if you want to learn how to manage your natural energy patterns in an optimum way, if you're unsure of what you want to do next, or what paths would naturally suit you. As a chronic people pleasure, who has trouble establishing boundaries and saying no, I'm grateful to have encountered Jagz. I feel more empowered to be who I am, to walk where I know I should be, where I deserve to be! It's difficult to find people who will encourage and push you, but always have your best intentions at heart.

It was a space that I genuinely looked forward to every week - if you're thinking about booking sessions, let me help you: BOOK THEM NOW! 

N Chadha 

I'd highly recommend Ribbons Consultants for professional coaching. They were a huge help for me during a transitional time in my career.

Working with Jagz has been the best choice I have ever made. I signed up whilst feeling stuck in a state of unhappiness, primarily with where I was in my career. The pandemic, like with many, really added to the already stressful job I was in. As we progressed through the sessions, I became an open book; Jagz has a way with people, you feel so at ease talking to her, and she knows how to not only show you, but instil a belief in you that you can do better, that you are capable if you just try. I have come out of this the complete opposite to how I started - like night and day. I am genuinely happy with the job I'm in, doing something I'm passionate about, something I didn't feel was within my reach. I truly cannot recommend Ribbons Consultants enough!

N McGeoch

We were so thrilled that Ribbons Consultants hosted two workshops at the Circular Block Party. For the small businesses that took part this was such an invaluable two sessions. The Energy Management workshop gave everyone such a good buzz and really helped us to understand how we can manage those moments of overwhelm better. As a small business this is a prominent feature, and knowing when to take some time out, rest is so helpful, but also to understand your energy patterns, so you can use your most productive moments in the day for your most creative work. The Monetising Your Skillset was also a fantastic session - knowing how you can bring in that extra bit of income when there are quiet moments in your business is a must!

Circular Block Party

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the help that you provided me this week in preparation to my interview. You managed to squeeze me in last minute and I really appreciate you finding the time to help me with my delivery of a 90-day plan and presentation. I appreciate that you go out of your way to ensure that your advice and pointers are topical and relevant to each scenario. My interview was described as “excellent” by the panel and my presentation was defined as “powerful!” and most of the credit goes to you. I’m grateful that I have a coach and mentor by my side such as yourself who always pushes me and strives for me to reach further. You constantly remind me of my capabilities and help me silence my imposter syndrome whenever I start to doubt myself.

You are truly amazing at what you do and I’m immensely proud to have you with me on this career journey whilst you undertake your own journey which has resulted in you levelling up and increasing everyone else’s levels who have been blessed to have you in their presence.

Z Munshi

Each session I have had with Jagz sets me up for my small business day! The work we have gone through has really made me believe in myself and my business. The sessions have been so empowering, Jagz has given me so my strength and helped me to balance that feeling of overwhelm, and channel my energy so that I am more focused and positive. And we have had such a laugh too! The sessions are such a boost of energy, and they have helped me completely change my mindset. I cannot recommend Jagz enough!! From where I was at the start of these sessions to where I am now; I feel like a completely different person, and I am so grateful to Jagz for giving me the tools and structure I needed to make this happen!

Saywood Studio

The coaching I have received from Ribbons Consultants has been fantastic.  It has been a huge help through a redundancy and also with the setup of my new business.  As well as boosting my confidence and making me more resilient it has helped me understand my strengths and provided practical tools and steps I can use each week to help me move forward towards achieving my goals.  Jagz is a highly skilled, professional and approachable coach who I strongly recommend.

R La Fontaine

Jagz recently came and delivered a talk to our staff on the topic of The (Neuro)Science of Stress. Jagz delivered a fantastic presentation, paying close attention to our guidance of making the session interactive and practical for our busy team. She delivered complex theory in an accessible way and was a joy to work with.


Jagz at Ribbons Consultants helped me realise something I considered a weakness was actually a strength, helping me produce my best work. And embracing it as a strength has empowered me and given me a real sense of direction.

Murphy Creative

The sessions with Ribbons Consultants help us with structured planning, clear goals and thinking outside of the box. They act as a regular check up of our business plan and bring our focus back to those small goals. We've seen fantastic growth in sales and in ourselves over the course of our time working with them, which we are truly grateful.

Earth to Earth Organics

I found my sessions with Ribbons Consultants very useful in clarifying my sense of purpose and direction. I came away with a clear set of actions for my own personal and professional development.

P Forrest

I look forward to my sessions with Ribbons Consultants because they help me think outside of my own perspective. The process is very organised; I appreciate how the session helps me to think deeper about whatever the focus is for that session is.

D Pascal


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