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Frequently Asked Questions

What is energy management?

For our clients it’s about educating them on how to become more conscious of their energy patterns throughout the day including creating techniques on how to increase their energy levels without turning towards sugar or coffee, which allows them to avoid burnout.

Why is energy management so important?

Well, firstly by being aware of your energy patterns, it helps to avoid burnout and secondly, awareness allows you to manage your self and save energy for what really matters most - whether that be your business, your side hustle, family or even just the fun stuff!

What is energy management coaching?

We have created a process that includes introspection and energy level journaling which utilises neuroscience and mindfulness findings to build a toolkit and techniques to create lasting changes to our clients lives. 

Past clients have reported feeling motivated, conscientious towards themselves, reduction in stress levels, and more as a result of this work.

How do the coaching sessions work?

The sessions take place between you and your coach over a period of time in which you work with your coach to move through the process. Usually there is at least 1 week and possibly more between sessions to give you time to process and do your suggested tasks.
Typically, blocks of sessions are 3, 6, or 10

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