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Check out our
Post Planner bundle!

Do you manage your own social media accounts?

Does it burn through your energy levels to create a daily post?

Then Post Planner is for you!

Post Planner is a bundle which is bespoke for you and your socials!

We take 3 weeks to set you up for the first quarter of 2022!

Post Planner is run over three consecutive weeks and we start with a strategy week, which kicks off with a one hour 1-2-1 session looking at your socials and breaking down the intentions and purpose of the spaces you have created. As well as introducing you the annual planner you can use to keep you on track. 

In week 2, we focus on immersive content planning. This gives you the tips and techniques that can help you speed through content planning and content creation.

In week 3 we set you up for the first quarter of 2022! Yes, by then end of the three weeks you will have your content planned for the first three months of next year so you can save some energy for the fun stuff!

Epic Right? But that's not all...

We are adding an additional 1.5 hour session for a Social Assessment, We will help review your current website and socials to give you tips to align with your purpose!

You will save over £150!

Plus 10% off until Sunday 24th October! Use the code EARLYBIRD at checkout.

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    500 British pounds

Here's a fantastic review from the fabulous Harriet Saywood-Bellisario from Saywood Studio

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