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Corporate Options

Do you need an experienced facilitator to guide people to connect with their natural energy patterns or their spiritual self?

Check out some of the ways to utilise our skills below!


As a senior Neuromindfulness coach, expert speaker, spiritual teacher, meditation guide, Jagz has expertise in a variety of methods that she often brings together to create impactful and transformative experiences.  

Our 10/10 Package

Simply put: 10 weeks of coaching for your top 10 managers!

We work with corporate businesses to help their managers prevent burnout and increase engagement with their teams and the business. We do this by utilising the 1-2-1 sessions to bespoke our current tools and techniques for your manager and your business. We use tangible feedback forms to measure the differences not just in motivation but in productivity. 

We have seen managers become conscious of their energy patterns, understand where to delegate better and feel a sense of purpose in their day-to-day lives with our sessions.   

Feel free to reach out to book your slots today! 

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