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3 Key Aspects of Energy Management

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

We look at energy in regards to the pot of energy you wake up with everyday and how you spend it without burning out.

By understanding your energy patterns over time, you start to become more conscious of when you have energy to play with, when something zaps your energy, and what revitalises your pot of energy.

There are three key aspects we look at:

1) Your Conscious Energy Flow

Become consciously aware of your energy patterns over a period of time and understanding your natural ebbs and flows. Try starting a journal and noting down what times you feel tired throughout the day.

2) Environmental Influences

From understanding if the seasons affect your energy levels, to, how comfortable does my office/workspace feel? Sit in your office and focus on why your body feels, what you can hear and what the temperature is, can you adjust it to help your body feel more comfortable?

3) Mental and Physical Patterns

By exploring your resting heart rate, to, how stimulated are you mentally? Do you have a smart-watch that tracks your heart rate, have you explored what that data tells you?

By taking time to focus on these key aspects, you start to see what you can do to help optimise your energy patterns to perform at your best.

To take a deeper, more personalised dive, book your free 1-2-1 strategy session today!

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